Classics Minor
A foundation in Latin that supports excellence in all academic disciplines

Learn to read Latin

The Department of Languages and Cultures offers a four-semester sequence of courses to guide you in reading Latin. For Latin 101 through 200, Latin is presented through the text Lingua Latina: Familia Romana, an engaging ongoing story that takes place in the Roman imperial era. In LAT 201, readings are tailored to your interests and skill level, and can cover anything in Latin literature adaptable to an intermediate college reading level.

What will I study?

LAT 101 Start at the very beginning. (Every fall semester; 4 credit hours) No prerequisite.
LAT 102 Build on 101. (Every spring semester; 4 credit hours) Prerequisite: LAT 101 or placement.
LAT 200 Finish all the basics you need to know. (Every fall semester; 3 credit hours) Prerequisite: LAT 102 or placement.
LAT 201 Read real Latin. (Every spring semester; 3 credit hours) Prerequisite: LAT 200 or placement.

Any of the four Latin courses satisfies the General Education language study requirement.

Language is inseparable from the culture speaking it; go deeper into the Classical world through Marian's:

Classics minor (18 hours)

Take any six of these seven three hour courses:

  • Intermediate Latin: LAT 200, LAT 201
  • Biblical Greek: THL 129, THL 130 (pre-requisite: THL 129)
  • Classical Mythology: ENG 319
  • Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle: PHL 203
  • Greek and Roman Art: ARH 33

The Classics Minor qualifies as a General Education course cluster.

For more information

Rebecca Reneau
Latin Lecturer
Department of Languages and Cultures
Oldenburg Hall, room #218


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