Hazardous Material Spill

A hazardous spill could occur off-campus and affect the campus community; in this case you will be advised by police and emergency personnel if you should enact the Shelter-In-Place procedure.

Notification will be delivered via building coordinator, campus voice mail, campus e-mail, text message, information on web site, and/or designated radio and TV stations.

On campus spill


Call campus police 6789.


DO Provide the following information to campus police: 

  • Location (building name, room number, place on campus)
  • Type of incident
  • Name of material or description of odor involved
  • Estimate of volume of material involved

If material contacts your skin, immediately flush the affected area with copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes, and seek medical attention. Remove and discard contaminated clothing and shoes. This should take place while someone else makes the appropriate phone calls from a safe location. Consider extinguishing a naked flame or fire hazard. DO Evacuate the immediate area, avoid the area of the spill, and close doors behind you. If you are outside, move upwind of the spill.


DO NOT attempt to clean up the spill yourself.

Off campus spill


Follow directions given by police and emergency responders. If the hazardous material is airborne, you may be asked to enact the lockdown/shelter-in-place procedure.


Move upwind of the area if you see people suffering from signs of exposure to chemicals (choking, tearing).


DO NOT leave campus until the authorities have given campus evacuation procedures.

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