Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the police department?
Our dispatchers and officers are always willing to assist. Dial 317.955.6789 from off-campus phones or extension 6789 from a campus phone.

Where is the police department located? 
The Marian University Police Department is located on the first floor of the Byrum School of Business near Subway in the Paul J. Norman Center.

Does the police department close?
The police department is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Are the police officers on campus sworn peace officers in the State of Indiana?
Yes, all of our officers are required to attend the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and must have at least five years of law enforcement experience prior to joining our department. All officers have jurisdiction throughout the state of Indiana.

How do I report a crime or what if I have a question about a crime? 
If you have a question about a crime or need to report a crime, you may come to the police department and ask to speak with a police officer. If someone has any injuries or disabilities that would prevent them from coming to our location, we will send an officer to their location.

You may also send a tip to the police department using the 911Shield app on your cell phone.  This tip may be sent with your name or anonymously.  

What if I lock my keys in my car or need a jump start? 
As a courtesy, the police department provides services on campus or in campus housing if you require a jump start or you lock your keys in your car. Please be sure to give the dispatcher or officer a phone number so he/she can notify you in case there is a request or emergency in progress that might delay the response.

What if I want an escort? 
The police department provides complimentary escorts 24 hours a day year-round. Escorts are provided by a staff member of the police department by foot or vehicle from one point on campus to another. The purpose of the escort is to ensure safety for all. Even though escorts are a priority, be sure to give the dispatcher or officer a phone number so he/she can notify you in case there is a request or emergency in progress that might delay the response.

Is there a lost and found? 
Yes, the police department has a lost and found located within the department.

How do I get a new or replacement student ID? 
If you need a new or replacement student ID, please come to our department. Please be aware that the fee for a replacement student ID is $20 charged to your student account. When you get a student ID for the first time, it is complimentary.

What if I have a visitor on campus? 
A temporary parking permit must be obtained at the police department. The information required includes name, contact phone number, and type of vehicle or license plate.

How do I get a parking permit? 
Parking permits can be obtained at the police department. Just complete the 2019-2020 parking permit form and,  bring the completed form to our office, and you can get a permit. The fee will be billed to your student account and can be paid for through the Business Office.

What if I left my parking permit in my other vehicle? 
Please come to the office to obtain a temporary parking permit for that day. If you are having work done on your car or driving a rental vehicle, please remember to get your parking permit out of your car and display it in the vehicle you will be driving during that time.

What if I buy a new car or get new license plates and I already have a parking permit? 
Updates to your parking permit records are appreciated, but not necessary. Please make sure that your parking permit is properly displayed in the vehicle you are driving to avoid a ticket.

How do I pay for my ticket? 
Once a ticket is issued it is billed to your student account and must be paid through the Business Office.

How do I appeal a ticket? 
Tickets can be appealed by filling out the ticket appeal form  or by obtaining a form at our office. All appeals must be turned in within seven (7) days of the date the ticket was written. The completed form is submitted to the parking review committee for review. Once the committee has made their decision, you will be notified via the email address that you listed on the ticket appeal.

Where can I park on campus? 
Please see the parking rules and regulations pdf.

Does the campus have a bicycle registration program? 
The Marian University Police Department has implemented a bicycle registration program. Bicycle registration is voluntary, free, and valid for one year. To register, complete the bicycle registration pdf form and bring the completed form and the bicycle with you to the Marian University Police Department. Registration helps recover lost or stolen bikes and aids the department in enforcing bicycle regulations.

Parking reservation procedures for guest lecturers (faculty and staff only) 
Please review the procedures below regarding reserving a space for a guest lecturer or vendor visiting campus:

  1. Prior to the scheduled visit (minimum 24 hours for individuals and at least a week for large group), please send the following information to Selena Martinez and Julie Wright, our administrative assistant, in the Marian University Police Department at and
    • Guest's name
    • Company name
    • Date of visit
    • Arrival and Departure times
    • Location requested (i.e., Marian Hall lot, Evans Center lot, etc.)
  2. Upon confirmation, inform your guest that a parking space will be reserved for him or her in the first row of cars (adjacent to police vehicles) in the parking lot adjacent to Marian Hall, at the Michael A. Evans Center for Health Sciences. or behind Oldenburg Hall (adjacent to the PE Center).  If they have any questions or concerns on or before the day of their scheduled visit, you may call the Police Department at 317.955.6789. 

  3. A welcome sign, including the guest's name or organization, will be placed on the reserved sign on the day of the guest’s visit.
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