Health and Wellness

As an integral part of the mission of student affairs of Marian University, the Student Health Center strives to enhance the educational process by empowering students to be self-directed and well-informed consumers of health care services. The department attempts to modify or remove health-related barriers to learning, promote optimal wellness, and enable individuals to make informed decisions about health-related concerns.

Self-Assessment Guide

Starting Monday, June 22, Marian University is asking everyone in our community--faculty, staff, students--to use this COVID-19 Daily Self Assessment Questionnaire before coming to campus or leaving your campus residence for an activity on or off campus. This will provide an opportunity for a brief reflection about your health each day, and hopefully will catch some early symptoms in time for you to get appropriate care and for others to be protected.

To review Marian University's statement regarding COVID-19, click below:

Marian University's statement regarding COVID-19

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