Poster Printing Services

The CTL offers poster printing services to faculty, staff, and students. We utilize an HP DesignJet Z5200 Photo printer which produces high quality, large format prints.

Printing costs

  • If a student's poster is directly related to their academic course of study the poster will be printed free of charge.
  • Posters for Departments, Offices, and Organizations will be charged to that entities' business account at a rate of $1/square foot.
  • Prints for personal use will be charged to the individual's university account at a rate of $2/square foot.

Printing guidelines

  • Submissions should be in PDF format.
  • Submissions should be submitted to the CTL using the Large Format Printing Request Form (found below) at minimum 3 days before requested pickup.
  • The CTL prints on rolls of paper that are 24, 36, or 42 inches long. The width and/or height should match one of these lengths.
  • Please remember that the shorter dimension cannot exceed 42 inches. Some common dimensions include 24x36, 32x40, 36x42, 36x48, and 42x42, though your poster can have any dimensions you like.
  • Prints will be able to be picked up from the CTL Office in the Mother Theresa Hackelmeier Memorial Library.

Printing Recommendations

  • We print onto different lengths of rolls of paper. The smallest roll is 24 inches. To reduce waste, it is recommended that your prints be close to that size. If your print is smaller, contact the CTL and we may be able to help you a more appropriate printer.
  • To avoid pixelation, the CTL recommends designing it in PowerPoint.
    1. Click on the Design tab
    2. Click on Slide Size
    3. Select Custom Slide Size
    4. Set the Width and Height to the size of your final product. Remember, your shorter dimension cannot exceed 42 inches.
    5. Design your poster
    6. Before finalizing your file, increase the zoom to 100% and view your images on the poster to ensure they are not too pixelated.
    7. Save your file as a PDF.

Poster printing request

Poster print requests are handled through filling out the Large Format Print Request.

Mounting, trimming, and laminating services are not provided; however, A 51” professional trimmer/cutter device is available for your use in the Hackelmeier Memorial Library.

If you have any questions, contact Blake in the CTL.

Available paper types

Paper Types for the HP DesignJet include:

  • Standard prints: Satin (some sheen, not as shiny as glossy prints)
    • 42”, 36”, 24"
  • Limited Quantities
    • 24” Adhesive backed Vinyl (For peel and stick on mounting boards or signage)
    • 24" Matte (no sheen or shine)

There are many types of papers and other materials (canvas, banner paper, etc) that can be used with this printer, but for these jobs the user will be expected to supply their own medium.

Other issues

The document submitted for printing is subject to the same Technology Use Policy as other Marian University computing resources as set forth by the Office of Information Technology. Users must comply with all other applicable university policies and state and federal laws.

The Marian University logo may be used only when posters are utilized as part of official university business and in accordance with the Institutional Identity Guidelines.

Proper authorization or permissions are required for the use of copyright material or third party logos used in posters. Please contact the CTL if you are unclear about fair use or copyright laws.

Marian University reserves the right to change, at any time, at its sole discretion, the poster printing guidelines, pricing, and procedures.

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