Official Graduation Rates at Marian University

Fall 2014 cohort dataset

This report contains the results of all first-time full-time bachelor's degree seeking students who began study at Marian University as a member of the Fall 2014 cohort. The students are measured against a federally mandated 150% time-to-degree time calculation. This means that the student has from enrollment in Fall 2014 classes until graduation in Spring 2020 to complete the requirements for and earn their bachelor's degree. Also included is a four cohort average graduation rate, based on the cohorts which began study at Marian University in Fall 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

This disclosure meets the terms and conditions of the Student Right to Know Act (1990) which requires all Title-IV participating institutions with student athletic programs to disclose graduation/degree completion rates of all students and those students receiving athletic-related financial aid by race/ethnicity, gender, and sport. This information is made publicly available on the institution’s website for review by prospective students athletes and parents, coaches, and institutional representatives. Where there are five or fewer individuals in a category, the rates have not been disclosed in order to avoid revealing personally identifiable information and unreliable statistical information.

Information regarding graduates and the last four cohort's average is updated by November 1 of each year. 

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