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What is VISTAS?

Provide Technical Assistance and Professional Development

Marian University ​will provide professional development, mentoring and coaching for educators on best practices and effective strategies to deliver remote and digital instruction and ensure improved student outcomes during virtual learning. This will include technical assistance to teachers who struggle with implementation of curriculum.

Provide for Capacity Building Training Modules

Marian University will support special education teachers by providing resources for academics, and social and emotional well-being, data driven analysis and eradicating learning loss through assistance with navigating the special education processes during and after the Pandemic.

Provide Orton Gillingham Training to ​Combat ​Learning ​Loss in the ​Area of ​Reading ​Acquisition

Marian University will offer an Orton Gillingham training program for teachers targeting all aspects of reading remediation. The program and accompanying materials will be free of charge to educators, instructional assistants and others in the field of reading intervention.

Who is VISTAS for?

Teachers who educate students with exceptional needs, parents who support and work with their children with exceptional needs at home and students with exceptionalities who are learning in a different manner than they are accustom to.

Why ​Teachers ​Need It

The conversion to virtual instruction remains a challenging task. Teachers continue to grapple with virtual and post-virtual curriculum, appropriate resources, learning loss, and support for implementation of IEPs, needed to support special education programming.

Why ​Students ​Need It

Students with exceptionalities, like their peers, have struggled with the acquisition of curriculum, learning loss, loneliness, and non-completion of academic goals. Resources for learning with fun, focus and friendship aimed to reduce stress and increase knowledge with ultimate student engagement.

Why ​Parents ​Need ​It

Parents have experienced a good deal of stress themselves and would benefit from a list of resources to help them help their child through already prepared, entertaining content, games and virtual experiences from around the world.

VISTAS Orton-Gillingham Training          

Teaching Resources for Teachers, Students, and Parents

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For ​​Students

For ​Parents

​Other Resources

  • Digital Reading Materials