Student On-Campus Employment

Process for hiring a student:

  • Department contact or supervisor must post on-campus student employment position(s) in Handshake. We recommend having the job expire on a Friday at noon because students cannot have their resumes approved to apply for jobs over the weekend while The Exchange office is closed.
  • Student must apply for position(s) via Handshake. This requires the student to upload a resume for approval by The Exchange staff.
  • Supervisor must log into Handshake and mark the student applicant as "hired." If you haven't already, now is the time to submit a rate form for the position (unless it is federal work study).
  • Student will be notified to complete the "cleared to work" process to become an employee of the university.
  • Student employee may not begin work until supervisor and student have been notified that the student is cleared to work in the position. This notification will come as an email from Human Resources.

New to hiring student employees?

See below for our training resources. All new student supervisors are required to attend or watch a recording of our training (located in the portal) for student supervisors and submit the below agreement form acknowledging supervisor responsibilities and understanding of university protocols.

Complete our Student Supervisor Agreement

  • Cleared to work process - must be completed prior to a student beginning work

  • Federal work study

  • Re-hiring student workers

Highlight student employee successes

The Exchange wants to highlight student professional achievements! Highlight your student workers' achievements by submitting a nomination form so we can share your student worker's success in our newsletter and on social media.

Nominate a student worker to be featured by The Exchange

COVID-19 protocols for on-campus student employment 

Many Marian University students rely on campus employment for a safe and stable source of income during college. As such, we encourage departments to post position openings and to recruit student employees for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Student workers and their supervisors are expected to follow university guidelines for public health and safety. We know that scheduling and managing a team of student employees while maintaining social distancing is a challenge, but with a few changes to our routine we can all excel in our working teams during this time. You are encouraged to offer virtual on-campus employment whenever possible. 

For those times when in-person work is necessary for the position, student workers and their supervisors must follow up-to-date university guidelines and safe health practices at work, including:

  • Wear a mask in shared, public and common spaces
  • Maintain a physical distance from others of at least 6 feet
  • Limit your in-person interactions, especially at distances less than 6 feet
  • Wash or sanitize your hands regularly
  • If you are ill, STAY HOME

Tips for social distancing while managing student employees 

  • Brainstorm ideas within your office and with your student worker team to develop projects that may be done remotely from the student's dorm room. 
  • Consider limiting the number of staff members in the office at one time. Administration is suggesting one staff member if a student employee is present. 
  • Check out your apps for communication and collaboration virtually. Some popular ones include: 
    • GroupMe - for group messaging 
    • Webex Teams - group messaging and video chat 
    • Trello - project progress/assignment tracking and info sharing 
    • OneDrive - collaborative shared documents (sign in with Marian University credentials) 
  • Make sure to touch base with your student workers as a team and individually on a regular basis, and to frequently ask if they feel like they are receiving enough guidance or freedom to spearhead their projects. Casual check-ins once per scheduled shift and one more formal meeting each week is a good starting point. 
  • Get the resources you need. Students need a laptop to work remotely? Contact IT. Need more hand sanitizer or masks in the office for their shifts, or a barrier between desks? Put in your request through the designated contact in your building.​

General recruiting tips for supervisors

See below for our tips for employers on hiring, from writing the job description through the interview process.

  • Write an engaging job description

  • Create a recruiting video

  • Attracting diverse talent with your posting

  • Consider your application process

  • Create an equitable interview process

  • Sample interview questions

  • What not to ask during the selection process

Example student worker training resources

  • Professionalism basics and business etiquette

  • Working remotely

  • Video chats in the workplace

  • Professional communication

  • Computer skills

Additional student worker training resources

For more example student worker training materials, confidentiality agreements, and much more check out our library on the portal.