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Graduate School

Deciding which graduate school to attend can be a little overwhelming. 

  • We recommend you choose the program that suits your personal and professional goals. Do a lot of online research. If possible, visit those schools that are the best match for your career interests.
  • Having trouble selecting a graduate program that fits your needs? Check out U.S. News and World Report for grad school guides and rankings.
  • Once you have narrowed the list of schools to your top choices, begin the application process.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to complete grad school applications and start well in advance of the due dates. Avoid rushing through your application and take the time to provide thoughtful answers and materials that showcase your best undergraduate work.

Nationally Competitive Fellowships

Fellowships are merit-based scholarships that fund students and alumni in research projects, study, or entrepreneurship/leadership, during undergrad or after. Please contact The Exchange for a counseling appointment to learn more about nationally competitive fellowships and other post-graduate opportunities. Take our quiz below to find out which fellowships and post-grad scholarships you may be interested in pursuing based on your plans for after graduation.

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Application Support

  • See our Prepare to Apply page for instructions and resources for resumes and CVs.
  • Check out our personal statement guide to get started on your personal statement.
  • Schedule an appointment with us if you want additional feedback on your materials or if you would like to conduct a practice interview. We can personalize it for your program.

Graduate School Application Timeline

    Follow this general timeline to keep yourself on track. Time frames are approximate: Check the deadlines for your schools of interest and adjust accordingly.

    • Junior year (fall)

    • Junior year (spring)

    • Summer before senior year

    • Senior year (fall)

    • Senior year (mid-term break)

    • Senior year (spring)

    Questions about post-graduation plans?

    Schedule an appointment with a member of The Exchange team to discuss your options at or call (317) 955-6500.

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